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My Spanish streak was unfairly lost

I already submitted a support ticket, but I wanted to tell my problem here.

I had 46 points (XP) on Tuesday, and I saw the animated graphic showing that at the end of the last practice I completed. Even yesterday I saw the same. But today the graphic shows 0 for Tuesday... ! and the streak is 2 in the mobile app.
I also have experienced the problem of lag or slow response from the server, I had to try several times, but after that I was able to complete several practices. I hope you can solve this problem.
Just if i didn't remember exactly the amounts of points, it should be around that.
Browser: IE9.

January 23, 2014

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According to your activity, on January 21st you did not complete any Spanish lessons. You did complete some lessons for learning English, Italian, Portuguese, and French, but your Spanish streak was reset due to inactivity.

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