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Future language additions (especially Asian languages)?

I was wondering what languages, if any, were going to be added in the future. In particular, I would love to use Duolingo for Japanese. I understand that there are specific challenges involved in using a platform such as this for a language that uses a fundamentally different writing system, but I had pretty good luck with Rosetta Stone awhile back, and honestly prefer Duolingo (which I'm currently using to brush up on all the Spanish I've forgotten).

January 26, 2013



The one thing that makes Rosetta Stone better than Duolingo is the various offered languages. Otherwise, Duolingo is free, social, and available on-the-go (website). Duolingo should really add more languages to improve its usability.


Some Indic languages would be nice.


How do people who speak Japanese type? I'm curious.

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