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"Mi wnaeth hi fwyta reis ddoe."

Translation:She ate rice yesterday.

May 19, 2016



I assumed Mi was some form of ‘I’ until now. What's the literal translation of that word?


In this usage immediately in front of a verb, it has no translation in Modern Welsh. Along with the alternative fe, it can be used to indicate that the verb is being used in an affirmative statement, not a question or a negative. fe/mi causes a soft mutation of the verb.

The use of fe/mi in this way varies across Wales and between different people and situations, too. Unless you are speaking to people who do use them it is probably easiest not to use them, but just to be aware of them.


Thanks, ibisc. Very thorough.


I'm confused by "wnaeth"


This is explained in the notes for the section, with examples.

It is just another way of expressing the simple past:

  • Gwnaeth hi fwyta = Bwytodd hi - She ate
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