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  5. "Bạn muốn lấy cái áo nhỏ này?"

"Bạn muốn lấy cái áo nhỏ này?"

Translation:You want to take this small shirt?

May 20, 2016



'Do you want to take this small shirt' should also be correct


Audio button doesn't work.


Do we have to use the structure ?"có ... không?" for making sentences? Is this example sentence something a native speaker would say?


This is actually a very good question. I'm glad you asked. If you wanted to sound more native then you would say 'bạn có muốn cái áo này không?' If you ask questions using rising intonation like 'this?' or 'you want it? or 'can you?' then it is usually followed by 'không' or 'hả' depending on the context.


Cannot hear the speaker's audio for this exercise


This sentence should be 'Do you want to take this small shirt?'. If you don't use the helping verb before the subject, it reads like a statement and not a question.

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