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  5. "The next twelve hours"

"The next twelve hours"

Translation:Le prossime dodici ore

January 26, 2013



" Le dodici ore prossime" should this also be accepted?


I'm not a native speaker, but for me that sounds very weird. I think prossimo always goes before the noun.

There are though some people that say "la settimana prossima" instead of "la prossima settimana", but that is just a spoken thing.


Is "seguente" not a synonym for "prossimo"?


Not necessarily. Seguente means "that comes after" whereas "prossimo" refers to something in the future. Ex. "Martedì scorso sono andato a Roma. Il giorno seguente sono tornato". "Martedì prossimo vado a Roma. Il giorno seguente tornerò"

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