Kulning - Herding Songs

To all of you who are learning Swedish and want to immerse yourself: I want to share with you this amazing piece of culture that I recently discovered.

This is what the uploader wrote: "This is the old way of herding live stock (in the middle of north Sweden) and of communication between herding women on mountains and between them and the home places down in the valley. This was a way of for instance crying for help, telling the family that a sheep had gone missing or crying for the hearding women to come home. It's called 'kulning' and the song is a part of Susanne Rosenbergs 'Vallåtar från gammelboning' (herding songs from the old home place)..."


May 20, 2016


As a Swede it's a sound that immediately conjures up associations with with older times, closeness with nature and that very Scandinavian bitter-sweet melancholia we call vemod.

It's fun to see kulning being used to that effect in some more modern settings as well. For example I was delighted to see it featured heavily in the soundtrack of the video game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (example: ) and it even turns up in the soundtrack to the Disney film Frozen ( (jump to 2:30)).

May 23, 2016

Wow, this is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing!

May 20, 2016
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