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More than 1 language at a time?

Hi duolingo users I recent started getting into languages due to having plenty of time and to keep my mind active at my advanced years and I quite enjoy it and so I would like to ask all you long term users how difficult is it to learn 2, 3, 4 or more languages at once!

I see a lot of you are doing quite a lot at once which I assume makes you so so at those you are doing but are you an expert at any? Sort of jack of all trades and master of none! Not intending to offend anyone but I suppose what I'm asking is when attempting more languages at once does it actually help especially if some languages are similar or does it hinder progress in some of the languages you are attempting by confusing you?

Any structural comments appreciated thanks so I can decide if to do more than just French and Polish.

May 20, 2016



It is fairly possible, provided you don't take up 2 or more very similar languages (e.g. Italian + Spanish or Russian + Ukrainian) from zero at once. However, after achieving a considerable progress (say, A2 level) in one language from such pair, it may be recommended to launch the second one, thus reinforcing the previous one


Thanks springenbet for the input. I'm now at a time in life with plenty of time on my hands and a desire to do more travelling so learning languages as well as helping me converse on my travels around europe will also keep my brain active. Thanks again.


Thanks for that I suppose it also depends on the person. I think I'll wait till a bit more advanced in French and Polish then add another language so I don't confuse myself and become disillusioned.


I think it depends on the languages and person. I'm learning both English and German in school and I'm not confused, but some of my classmates are. Well, if you want to learn 2 similar ones I think it's "safer" to learn one language I dunno, to A2 maybe and then try another one ;) Then it's even helpful to start a similar one, for example after finishing Polish it will be easier to learn Ukrainian or Russian (works better with Ukrainian, because it's like 70% the same vocabulary and similar grammar and pronunciation too) and after French it will be easier with Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian or Esperanto :)


Thanks Anna I'll consider your suggestions when I'm ready to add another language.


You're welcome <3


I was learning French and than I had to live with Italians, the French help me a lot to understand easier italian, but I was mixing a lot in my speech... french, italian and portuguese, even some spanish I tryed


Thanks jrberlezi I suppose it depends on the individual and what languages your learning at the same time as it can become confusing especially at the beginning. I had this at 1st answering questions in Polish when learning French! I now refresh using the earlier lessons as this makes it easier for me to get my mind thinking in the language I'm learning at that time. I'll stick to 2 languages till I'm proficient enough to add a 3rd. Thanks again for input.

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