"The girl eats apples."

Translation:A menina come maçãs.

January 26, 2013



When exactly are you supposed to put "de" before macas? It seems quite inconsistent, and I am sure I've been marked wrong for doing something that was 'correct' previously.

January 26, 2013


Seems like that has to do with the verb. In English an example would be "belong to"--the word "belong" never hangs out without the word "to" after it. I think that in Portuguese, the word "comer" does not need a preposition, but the word "gostar" does (to like: "gostar de").

January 29, 2013


Thanks for that. I just raged out of another lesson due to a similar problem with like/eat sugar. I'll certainly keep your advice in mind!

January 29, 2013


I think this only applies to Portuguese verbs like 'gostar'. 'Gostar de' translates roughly to be 'like of' or 'be pleased by'. The same wouldn't work for other verbs like 'comer'. Gostar means 'taste', but the addition of 'de' makes it mean 'like'.

January 31, 2014


when do you use comem? Eats was plurral

February 28, 2014


ele/ela come = he/she eats. eles/elas comem = they eat

March 18, 2014
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