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  5. "Det er dyrt å være fattig."

"Det er dyrt å være fattig."

Translation:It's expensive to be poor.

May 20, 2016



There is much wisdom in this comment. Poor people cannot get the best deals.


Poor people have running credit, late fees, interest, etc... The system exists in such a was so as to exploit the poor.


New learners should be aware that Duo' is also a philosophy, given to quirky and sometimes flippantly provocative comments. Some questions may contain anti-telephone salespersons content, (which can trigger Swedes especially). Needling slurs about Trump, and ideas about 'joining-of-nations-together' have been known to appear, innocently enough, but might be part of the wider Silcon valley grand-plan. Concern for the 'purchasing power of poor' people might be connected with a dig at their dietary habits and seem to be leading to the suggestion that ants, turtles and even moisteurising cream.... might be substitutes for good nutritional self-control. It is wise to remain vigilant.


it's not philosophy. it's in personal growth attitude field which is psychology or management.


I love this comment way too much!


det er dyrt også å være førti


er også dyrt*


Jeg forstår ikke. o.O?


Yes, spesial in Norway

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