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Location of Spanish word "poner" hops from lesson to lesson in 'V. Pres 3'.

A few days ago I started learning the "V. Pres 3" skill in the Spanish skill tree and by the time I got to the third lesson, I noticed that I have practiced the verb "poner" in every lesson.

Today I began Lesson 5 and lo and behold, more "poner" exercises. I looked to see where it's located and it's in Lesson 5. Interestingly, today I was exposed to the word "derrotar" for the first time in Lesson 5 and after I completed the lesson I noticed it's now located in Lesson 4.

It seems as if whenever I start a new lesson, "poner" 'hops' to that lesson and pushes a word from that lesson to the previous one where it was at.

I love practicing my verbs but "poner" is being too greedy with my study time! That or it doesn't know where its home is. Please find a permanent home for "poner".


Thank you.

edit: Here are some pics to confirm.

Alt text

Alt text

January 23, 2014


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