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After recording I sometimes don't get a grade


I've been facing a nasty bug for months now. About 20% of the time when I come to a recording question, I record my answer, but the service calls that grade my input never return. My microphone works properly and I can playback my recordings. Another user reported this on reddit, see their issue b http://np.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/1r3uky/random_microphonerecording_problems/. This is quite frustrating since I have to turn the mic off pretty much every lesson and then back on before the next.

I haven't noticed this on the mobile version, just on the website. Anyone have a solution or is this a known bug that I will need to deal with?

January 23, 2014



I posted a thread about this problem a few months ago and some people chimed in saying that it happens to them as well. I just turned off my microphone and started repeating every sentence out loud.


Sure, that's an option, but I'd rather get to the root cause of this. I'm assuming it is a bug in Duolingo and I'd at least like to hear that they are tracking the issue.


I and a few others that experienced this problem all use Firefox - it might be a compatibility issue. What browser do you use?


I generally use firefox, currently v26.0. I also use chrome occasionally. With chrome I know I've had problems, but I will have to try it again to confirm it is the same issue.


I did the same thing!!!!! I hope they fix the bug.


Also experiencing this bug in Mozilla Firefox 26.0 with Flash 11.9.900.170


I have experienced this bug many times. I use IE, Safari, and Chrome. And I hope it gets some attention from the team, too. But I'm not too optimistic, because it's intermittent. And it'll be really hard for the team to fix something that isn't strictly reproducible. :-(

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