"I am me."

Translation:Tôi là tôi.

May 21, 2016



I need to be able to hear the sound!


They do their best for sounds, but it appear they are limited to 55% of the amount of the sentences. Use forvo, it's very good.


Oh man. This is going to be hard.


my os is win 10. I have Vietnamese kay board. I pressed the keys l, a, 5 the word typed is là. But duo says it is almost correct. shoing error in là. actually there is no difference what I typed and what the Duolingo shows. I wonder what is the mistake?


I put on the Vietnamese keyboard and put it into Vietnamese mode but I am still not getting the accents or a template keyboard


You need to download app Unikey


That really sucks. It should work with the standard keyboards of the major OSes as well.


I'm having the same occurrence.


I had the same happen to me in other courses, I wrote a complaint


Can you spot the difference, àà? This may be due to character coding? Windows VN default keyboard fails big time. Take a look at this and follow the instructions: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15390991 and http://www.unikey.org/


same here: Tôi là tôi


toi la toi and this is typed in Vietnamese mode.


I would suggest to those having trouble typing the Vietnamese symbols, just go old fashioned, grab a notebook and write out the words. Writing helps me memorize the spelling and symbols, try it :)


Or use a phone or tablet, it's much easier with all their keyboard apps.


There needs to be a special keyboard for the tones.


I agree, I hope they'll add a virtual keyboard.


Can someone please tell me where/how to hear pronunciations of the language.. WTF??


Forvo's saying that's the pronunciation in Japanese??


I deleted my Forvo account a while ago so they might have removed my pronunciation of the words. Well, that's strange though because Forvo clearly state that they won't delete users' recordings even when they have their accounts removed. If you don't mind, I'll try to upload my own voice recordings to my personal cloud services (Mega, Google Drive). And I speak with a Southern accent so this may not help if you want to listen to the Northern ones.

PM me on Duolingo if you're interested in.


These are the correct links. Your recording is still there. Also from the links you provided, they just have to click on the Vietnamese button to get there. https://forvo.com/word/vi/t%C3%B4i


Thank you again for all that you do, especially the pronunciations.


Thanks for the links. I guess Forvo changed their website interface after I left. Last time I was on Forvo, they listed all pronunciations by languages on the same page. This time, I can see they create separate links for each specific language. :)


Why aren't there any on-screen buttons with the accents and stuff? I have an English keyboard and I'm sure many of you agree about how tough it is to learn Vietnamese without it!


You can add a VN keyboard from Settings - Languages and Keyboards on your phone(s). Try Unikey on Windows http://www.unikey.org/ or iBus on Linux.

An on-screen VN keyboard for special characters would be terrible since we have a combination of a dozen vowels a, ă, â, e, ê, i, o, ô, ơ, u, ư, y and 5 different tone marks to display on a tiny screen. :( Perhaps a pop-up keyboard would solve the problem.


Just above the backpace key on my android there is a button that adds them


I wish they gave the template keyboard, when using computer or just keep button pushed on iphone/ipad. I finally figured out how to do an accent on an a in Vietnamese. First type an a then type 8. Now that's intuitive...


So I am using Duolingo for Spanish and it has letters with accents when you need to type an answer. I do not have that showing up for me with these Vietnamese courses.


Imagine you had a combination of 12 vowels and 5 diacritics displayed on a tiny screen, that wouldn't be nice to look at. :(

So in order to type Vietnamese characters, you should take a look at this page and find out the best method: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15390991


I understand, and I looked at other comments people made. I don't know a single thing about Vietnamese so I wasn't expecting there to be so many vowel possibilities. Thank you!


You're welcome :)


we really need pronunciation here, considering that this is a tonal language, we don't want to be misleading by pronouncing things improperly.

By the way, who on earth says "I am me"?


The literal translation may be I am me, but a better translation is probably It's me.


I still don't get it


In Vietnamese, personal pronouns which are used as subjects (I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they) are exactly the same to those used as objects (me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them) - (tôi, bạn, anh ấy, cô ấy, nó, các bạn, chúng tôi, họ).

For example, "I am me" - "Tôi là tôi";

"You are you" - "Bạn là bạn" or "Các bạn là các bạn";

"He is him." - "Anh ấy là anh ấy";

"We are us." - "Chúng tôi là chúng tôi.";

"They are them." - "Họ là họ.".

Hope you get the idea.


Oh I see now, thank you very much


Không có chi! You're welcome! ¡De nada! 不客气!


your comments is very good


I don't think so. It's so easy and I think everyone in Vietnamese knew it.


So good for people have just learned Vietnamese. But people in Vietnamese knew it. So, I think it not very good, only good.


What are you really saying? Or is criticizing just your thing? How about helping out instead?


So they are good, because we are beginners here.


Please work on your English, no one knows what you're trying to say.


I don't have a vietnamese keyboard


Question: how to type this with your keyboard?! :(


Thanks, that help a lot!! :)


I am me! Accept it people!


Because this sentence is not at all common in English (and I am guessing in Vietnamese either), I think it is a poor way to show the pronoun being the same for the object and subject. Better would be "Tôi là sinh viên. Sinh viên là tôi".


The good point it's that is short, and easy to remember. I like it better than your longer version. But thanks for your clarification! "Tôi là sinh viên." tranlaste to what?


Tôi là sinh viên = Tôi là một sinh viên = Tôi là một người sinh viên -> I am a student. ;)


What is the problem you met?


you'll never learn ur decision


How do I get Vietnamese characters?


dosent this mean i am i or me am me


Uhm... yeah... kind of. See my comment about personal pronouns of subjects and objects (the one that is right under Juanti0's).


In English, I belive the correct grammar is "I am me", (not I am I or me am me.)


or even better, "I am myself." which is also correct grammatically. I doubt if that has been added to the database for this one though.


"I am I" is grammatically correct, while "me am me" is not. When a pronoun functions as the complement, it should be in the subjective case. However, the objective case 'me' is widely used, maybe for the reason that it sounds smoother.


Ok. Since we can't say "He is hitting him" or "We love us" or " l like me" you're making the point with the verb 'be'.


Why not? Because we don't know the words yet?


This. Language. Is. Hard. However, I might be moving somewhere where they use this language a bit, so... Yeah.


Can it be used to say, who is Laura, and reply: it's me? Or it is only a weird sentence, like if I lost my personality to be someone else?


I Am All of Me plays


i need to here sound


we can't use the typos


If you'd like to learn basic Vietnamese, leave duolingo and just go Youtube. They never say "Tôi là tôi." Đan ông? nether in elementary course. Anh, Chị, Em, etc., pronunciations, tone... A lot of pieces you have to learn are there.


Duolingo is not the only mean for learning Vietnamese. You can learn the language using various sources. Duolingo offers you the basic knowledge of Vietnamese and some native people here in the community are willing to help you with questions. Youtube is also a good source. :)

In regard to "Tôi là tôi", we Vietnamese do use that sentence though not often. You can search and listen to this song "Tôi là tôi", which was made popular years ago by Quách Thành Danh the singer. Also, what's the problem with "đàn ông"? It is used by Vietnamese natives as much as "man/men" is used by English speakers.


Vietnamese pronouns are quite a headache for someone who doesn't understand properly. We have numerous pronouns referring to persons and they also influence the attitude and relationship of the speaker towards the hearer. Native speakers will encounter many difficulties to master the use.

For your concern, "tôi là tôi" is a valid sentence in Vietnamese. We do say it and there is a song after the name.

Should you need some help, don't hesitate to raise your voice! Happy learning!


i am onley a 1/4 vietmase how would i know this plus very young


Learn a few words each day and you'll be good at Vietnamese very soon. :D


i dont have those alphabets on my keyboard, so how is this possible?


There is software that will allow you to input other alphabets on your keyboard. Here is listed instructions to change to Vietnamese and you can easily switch back to English. https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/vi/en/status


er. ...... How does 2 "toi"s in the sentence, make sense?


In Vietnamese language, personal pronouns used as subjects are the same as personal pronouns used as objects. Therefore, 'tôi là tôi' is perfectly fine.


Before talking about the sentence in Vietnamese, let's see a bit about the English one.

  • "I am me". This is by far very frequent in use. However, the grammatically accepted one should be "I am I".

In English, the first person pronoun "I" can function as the subject and the subject complement of the sentence (as you can see in the sentence above). The pronoun has its counterpart 'me', which functions as the object of the sentence or the object of the preposition.

In Vietnamese, the first person pronoun "tôi" behaves like both "I" and "me". If you are struggling to grasp the meaning of the sentence, see about it in this context. Someone is dogmatically talking you out of smoking, which is against your wish. Then you would yell at him/her, "I am I, I am not you, I know what is good for me." - "Tôi là tôi, không phải anh, tôi biết cái gì tốt cho mình."


The sound where is the sound!!!!!?????


You are right. there is no sound. Scroll up for links to forvo to hear the words spoken by native speakers.


The sound doesn't work


I have no idea how to do this.


I think Doulingo stop giving us these "not normal" sentences


How is the example sentence "not normal"? Could you please explain?


i need to hear the sound.


Tôi là người Việt Nam, cảm ơn các bạn đã học ngôn ngữ của chúng tôi


I am from Vietnam, I am studying English and I want someone to study with me.You can be contact with me: https://www.facebook.com/tuanthanthanh2908


Anyway you people from Duolingo can add a voice to this like you do with all the others? Pretty much pointless to have the Vietnamese course with no sound. May as well take it down from the course.


I cant here the words how am i supposed to know how the words sound or how to pronounce them


As a Vietnamese speaker (of a younger age), I do have to warn people out there that if you are younger looking. Or you want to follow the respect system (as I call it) this sentence can change. I actually might be wrong but no one uses the phrase too much, but it is for practice so~ this comment is not needed at all. Furthermore, whether you are younger looking or is of young placing (in anywhere in general), if you look like a foreigner there is a high chance most Vietnamese people won't even care how you address them or yourself. No offense is meant in any way part of this. I also might be wrong, this is just speaking from my opinion and experience.


This is the easiest word


What keyboard are you supposed to use?


Что ж, не поспоришь


It's kinda hard but I like it!!!


Oh Holy Shit.They Are Shit !Shit!Shit!


This sentence is too insanity.

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