"It is a long street."

Translation:To jest długa ulica.

May 21, 2016

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When should „To jest” be used instead of „To” by itself? This sentence accepts both „To jest długa ulica” and ”To długa ulica”, and I don't understand why. Other sentences I've had „To jest” marked wrong, so I feel like I'm guessing in the dark.


When you mean "This/That/It is" you should use "To (jest)". "Jest" can be omitted and the sentence remains correct.


I guess the ones that had "to jest" marked wrong were probably questions of X is Y pattern. They will work as X to Y, or X jest Y (instrumental for Y here).

Here, as mihxal has said, "to" actually is separate and means this/that/it.


To jest długa droga! (?)


OK, we decided to give up on the street/road distinction (technically "droga" = "road"), let's add it.

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