"I am going upstairs."

Translation:Idę na górę.

May 21, 2016

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What's the difference between "Idę na górze" and "Idę na góry"?


Well, the second one doesn't quite make sense to me, and the first one is at least weird, like I'm upstairs right now and and walking in a specific direction.

Maybe you meant Idę na górę vs. Idę do góry?

They are both quite similar. I'd use the former to indicate a destination (e.g. to the second floor) and the latter to indicate a direction (like I'm going uphill).


In an earlier exercise 'na górze' was the correct response, in this exercise the correct response is 'na górę'. This seems to be an inconsistency and it is confusing. Should one of these exercises be corrected?


Na + locative refers to a location, while na + accusative indicates a direction. Therefore it must be 'idę na górę' here and 'jestem na górze' in the other exercise.


Oh! Got it! Thank you!


Should'nt also "Idę do góry" be right?


If you were walking up a hill, you could say "Idę do góry". If you're walking up the stairs, you probably have in mind ending up on a specific floor. "Góra" here is simply a higher floor. For example, my house has 3 floors: parter (ground floor), pierwsze piętro, drugie piętro (first floor, second floor). If I'm at the ground floor and I say "Idę na górę", it means that I'm going either to the first or the second floor. But I won't use "Idę do góry", because that would be weirdly descriptive, instead of the normal=figurative meaning of 'góra'.

EDIT: It seems that in some regions, "Idę do góry" can be used in the context of stairs as well. I would still consider only the "na górę" version a standard one, though.


My answer, idę DO (direction!) didn't get accepted; I've learned, though, that direction is indicated by DO, and position by NA ... czy nie? :-/


Both are used dependent on the actual direction.

The rule of thumb is that you use "do + Genitive" for closed spaces and "na + Accusative" for open spaces, but there are many exceptions, it's a very weak rule.

"do góry" actually is okay, but I don't think that it works for "upstairs". If it was just "going up", then it would work.


OK, thank you very much.

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