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"Vi har gået stranden hver dag."

Translation:We have walked on the beach every day.

May 21, 2016



How would you say "we have gone to the beach every day"?

[deactivated user]

    The most natural way would be "Vi har været på stranden hver dag."


    In the chapter introduction it said verbs that describe a change in position use"er", not "har". Why not for gået?


    What PiXLHH said! In my Danish class we learned "er gået". Or does it maybe have to do with walking on the beach and not leaving it? Something like "De har gået på stranden og så er de gået hjem"?


    This is one explanation I found, but it doesn't include the local adverbial phrases. https://sproget.dk/raad-og-regler/artikler-mv/mal-og-maele/have_eller_vaere_gaet


    According to Danish an Essential Grammar intransitive verbs (no object) expressing motion may occasionally express either an action (use har) or state of affairs (use er): Vi har gået (action)... we have walked. Vi er gået... (state) we have gone. In the Duo sentence above there is no change of state or location and so har is used. This is similar to German with verbs such as schwimmen, segeln, rudern, tanzen and a few others.

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