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  5. "Barnet läser en bok."

"Barnet läser en bok."

Translation:The child reads a book.

May 21, 2016



After clicking grade button, let me click the speaker button to hear the sentence again to help me retain it.


Are there difference with Barnet? Because I keep getting it wrong with The Child, A child, and then Child's as possessing something.


"Barnet" means "the child". If there is -et or -en at the end of a word it means "the". However, if it's "ett barn" it means "a child" because when "en" or "ett" are at the beginning they mean "a". For example: - En kvinna: a woman - Kvinnan: the woman As you see, in the first one, the article is at the beginning so it means "a", but in the second one, it means "the" because it is at the end of the word. I hope you understand now.


And why don't we say "kvinnen" or "kvinnet" for the woman and we say KVINNAN?


I don't quite understand your question, could you rephrase it? In any case, these are the forms of barn:

  • ett barn - a child
  • flera barn - several children
  • barnet - the child
  • barnen - the children

To get the possesive forms, just add -s to the end.


Seems a simple enough question. When the voice says barn and barnet , it always sounds like barn. Is there a pronunciation difference? I'm getting the same.

Actually it says say what you hear so to tell us we are hearing it wrong is in itself incorrect.


On this one was many problems duolingo i kinda... don't like it.


The normal speed says barnet, the slow sleed says barn. Fail!


Why is it not ett bok? If it is an object... (like äpple)


When clicking the word Barnet, the speaker's voice seems like kids Ghost or something

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