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  5. "He is here and she is there."

"He is here and she is there."

Translation:Він тут, а вона там.

May 21, 2016



I have chosen він тут, та вона там. But, the system says, it is the wrong. Is it? I don't think so. There could be different solutions, although this doesn't make my answer wrong one.


"та" = "і." You cannot use "і" here, because you have to express the opposition/contrast/comparison of the two phrases. In English you can often replace "and" with "but" in such cases.


There is no comma in front of "та" and it doesn't sound right to me at all although i can't provide you a rule which says so.


Hello, the corrector said that "Vin tut, ale vona tam" is also correct. I disagree, because "ale" means "but"...and the english sentense has no conditional prepositions, there just an "and" that has and purpose of adding something.

Short version: "Vin tut, ale vona tam" is a wrong translation of "He is here and she is there", because there's an "and" and not a "but".

Thank you.


The English sentence is "He is here and she is there". In this case "and" is translated as "а" (in this case "і" is ungrammatical).

If it was "He is here but she is there", that could be either "а" or "але".

In short

and -> а or і, depending on the grammar

but -> а/але

а -> and/but

але -> but


I agree with Almondum.

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