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  5. "Він не може грати у футбол."

"Він не може грати у футбол."

Translation:He cannot play soccer.

May 21, 2016



I think football should also be right. What means soccer in US, means football in the rest of the world.


You are right, but you should report missing alternatives using the "Report Problem" button. Then it will be added faster.


А чому не можна TO PLAY?


In English, we often drop the "to" with infinitives. We don't use it after "can" or "cannot," for example.


Hmm, I think the answer key is wrong here. Duolingo accepts "He cannot play soccer," but with the following warning:

> You missed a space. He can_not play soccer >

I think this should be reversed. "Cannot" is correct, and Duolingo should accept "can not" and gently remind the user to remove the space. Reported.

For more information, see here ("Don’t use 'can not' when you mean 'cannot.'"):



Вельмишановані модератори. Вкотре звертаю вашу увагу, що ця гра у всьому світі, крім Америки, зветься ФУТБОЛ - FOOTBALL. В Україні люблять і цінують футбол, і аж ніяк не соккер.

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