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Some bugs in discussion

I had a discussion open when the practice finished. Typed a comment out, but when I pressed 'enter', it was passed to the underlying practice mode, and exited out, losing the written comment and the discussion I was reading.

I have also had other difficulties pressing enter while writing comments on discussions. Not sure if that issue has been resolved, or it only happens in practice/lesson mode.

Finally, can we please have a 'submit'/'post discussion'/'save' button at the bottom of the page. That is where it is on almost all other interfaces. It seems strange that it isn't here.

As an aside, why are there two discussions for the same sentence here? And why is the translation missing for the first (or is that just me)?

January 23, 2014

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I can't open a discussion (from my ipad) because the blue bar covers up my typing when the keyboard comes up. The typing is there... but my hunt'n'peck typing style isn't accurate enough for me to be able to post blind like that!

Sorry to hijack your thread (what else can I do, though?) but hope you don't mind, as this is another 'discussion bug' too.

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