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  5. "Wnei di dynnu llun, plîs?"

"Wnei di dynnu llun, plîs?"

Translation:Will you take a picture, please?

May 21, 2016



I answered with "Would" instead of "Will". Without wanting to seem pedantic, aren't they both right?


They are different tenses so 'would you' does not work here. Although in English 'would you...?' is perhaps more common in this context, there is not the same sense of brusqueness in using the equivalent of 'will you...?' in Welsh.


Lovely, thank you. :)


This is interesting. So, can we think of the "Will you", Will they, etc, as a brusque way of asking for something to be done? And the "Would you, would they" etc, as a longer and so perhaps softer way of requesting? Thanks very much for your great info. Diolch yn fawr iawn.


I think Ibisc is saying the opposite. To rephrase, "in using the equivalent of 'will you' there is not the same sense of brusqueness".


The difference between Monday "Dydd llun" and photo "llun" is just the "Dydd" part?


llun means 'a picture'. It is also an old word for the Moon which survives in dydd Llun for Monday.

Nowadays, y Lleuad is used for 'the Moon'.

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