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"Aviserne har skrevet om tre forbrydelser de sidste fem dage."

Translation:The newspapers have written about three crimes the last five days.

May 21, 2016



I'm no native english speaker but isn't "IN the last 5 days" better?


Hi, I'm from England and certainly without "in" or something else to clarify after "crimes" doesn't sound right to me. You'd either need "for" (meaning that the papers have written about the crimes for 5 days, although the crimes could have been committed before that) or "in" (meaning that the 3 crimes have been committed during those 5 days. Even then it'd probably be better to add "committed" as well.) I hope this is helpful.


Yes, missing a preposition. Even then it is ambiguous - did the crimes happen in the last 5 days or did the newspaper write about them in the last 5 days?


Yep, definitely. (I am)


The newspapers have written about three crimes IN the last five days.


As a native English speaker, I definitely agree with the others in regard to the necessity of including "in" in "in the last five days". But what about the Danish sentence? I wrote "Aviserne har skrevet om tre forbrydelser i de sidste fem dage" (NOTE: "i de sidste fem dage"). Is this incorrect? Duo says it is wrong (should be no "i").


it's gramatically correct in Danish, but unrealistic, as the crime rate in Danmark is quite low. Maybe one crime per month or maybe even one every two months would be closer to what's really happening


in or over the last 3 days would be used in non american English without exception


I take it all back. Maybe the original Danish sentence and Duo's English translation are fine. It simply means that three crimes occurred (at some point) and that the newspapers have written about them every day for the last five days. (Although if this is the case, then the English sentence might better be "FOR the last five days").


‘Over’ would work too.


As an American I have no trouble leaving out the preposition "in." It's clear that the time period is the last five days, during which there have been three reports of crime in the newspapers. It's fine.

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