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  5. I did it:) Gold Spanish Tree


I did it:) Gold Spanish Tree

Just writing down to announce, that today I have done my whole Spanish Tree, which took me about a year with small brakes. My tree is also fully golden, I tried to keep it gold from the very beginning. Now I'm about to keep it golden and, of course, reach level 25:) What was your next steps after you ended the tree and made it gold? Keep the good work - the Gold Tree will be yours sooner or later:)

May 21, 2016



Congratulations and well done! My goal also is to keep my tree gold and to reach level 25. When I finished my tree I began doing a little bit of translation of documents in Immersion, as well as re-doing the tree. I am surprised at how quickly I forgot things I thought I knew pretty well. Also, I began listening to the Destinos series, to learn how to understand spoken Spanish. It is free, and I highly recommend it. I wish you all the best with your language studies!


Do the Spanish to English tree! I have heard a lot of folks do this.


Thanks:) I think I will:) Did you do that? Was it helpful? Congrats on your 17th level - it's very impressing!:)


well done! i'm lv 9 in french and lv 2 in spanish! :D


Good for You! Keep it going!!!:)


Felicitaciones!!!! (:




Awesome! Keep it up!


congratulations, good job i just joined duolingo today and i am hoping to get to get to level 25 and to get my own Spanish tree to! i hope you do well on your next language.

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