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I did it:) Gold Spanish Tree

Just writing down to announce, that today I have done my whole Spanish Tree, which took me about a year with small brakes. My tree is also fully golden, I tried to keep it gold from the very beginning. Now I'm about to keep it golden and, of course, reach level 25:) What was your next steps after you ended the tree and made it gold? Keep the good work - the Gold Tree will be yours sooner or later:)

May 21, 2016



Congratulations and well done! My goal also is to keep my tree gold and to reach level 25. When I finished my tree I began doing a little bit of translation of documents in Immersion, as well as re-doing the tree. I am surprised at how quickly I forgot things I thought I knew pretty well. Also, I began listening to the Destinos series, to learn how to understand spoken Spanish. It is free, and I highly recommend it. I wish you all the best with your language studies!


Do the Spanish to English tree! I have heard a lot of folks do this.


Thanks:) I think I will:) Did you do that? Was it helpful? Congrats on your 17th level - it's very impressing!:)


You're learning French and Italian too, so you could do Spanish to French or Spanish to Italian. I am doing Portuguese to German.


No, I have not finished the first tree. I will do the Spanish to English next.


well done! i'm lv 9 in french and lv 2 in spanish! :D


Good for You! Keep it going!!!:)


Felicitaciones!!!! (:




Awesome! Keep it up!


congratulations, good job i just joined duolingo today and i am hoping to get to get to level 25 and to get my own Spanish tree to! i hope you do well on your next language.


Congratulations! And thank you for the inspiration. :)


Congratulations! It takes time to achieve the various levels, but you are learning many things along the way.

After achieving Level 25, I started the Reverse Tree, and am slowly closing in on Level 25 there as well.

You will too!


Thank You so much! Wow! Your stats are amazing! It's so impressing and inspiring!:):):)


Well done!


Thank You so much!:)


Congratulations!! I am still trying to figure out how Duolingo works, so I'm looking at help and discussions. I got my Golden Tree yesterday!! I am at level 12, and I thought there would be a second page of circles to work through? I am only at 43% literacy, so I guess I'll just keep working until I get that as close to 100% as possible. Can anyone tell me how to work with Immersion? Where do I find it?


I think you went too fast. I will be starting Adject 1 and I am at level 17, 36 % You might want to go thru the tree again more slowly. Maybe Duolingo gives credit for the number of times you use each word. Immersion is at the top of the page after Discussion. I don't know how to use it but someone else will post for you.


Just found out that the levels have nothing to do with how good you are at the language. They just show how hard you have worked to get there. LOL


That would make sense if you need 1100 XPs to reach the next level. I found out from another message that Duolingo is runing a study to judge if the Immersion is a help to learn the language.. and some folks (like me) are put in the "no immersion" side so I guess I can stop looking for how to get into it.


That's a shame that you can't use it. I can't figure out how to use it, so it may not be a big loss. Maybe reading books in Spanish would be the same. Have you started the Spanish to English tree?


I find what works best for me is listening to the news twice a day. I hear good spanish and develop an ear for different voices. Have you noticed that you understand friends a lot better than strangers? Even over the phone. My comprehension is very very good, but I do not carry on long conversations.


I just found out that there are some telenovelas on Hulu (if you are a subscriber) that will do subtitles in Spanish. I tried watching them and understood very little, then discovered the subtitles and was disappointed at first that they weren't in English. But it turns out Spanish is better-not only do I understand a lot more with the subtitles, but I am developing a better ear for spoken Spanish.

News in Slow Spanish is also good, and is free. You can find it here: https://www.newsinslowspanish.com/?gclid=CjwKEAjwpqq6BRC99aKUkaSjuDsSJAC0pNTV-2-Ii2Kw-4_9wXU1kim9lvj36e8GT0K3kjth5vk0ZhoCQSzw_wcB


Tell Duo you speak Spanish and start on the English tree from Spanish :) The content of the sentences is different, and there is some grammar they take for granted as Spanish speakers that wasn't even addressed in the English to Spanish tree. It's very interesting. I think it's also fun trying to navigate the site in Spanish since a lot of the relevant words I hadn't learned yet.


Thank You, I definitely will:)


Qué bueno! Felicidades! Has completado mucho trabajo. Bien hecho.

Great work Kitki2... this is indeed very impressive. Keep studying and practicing to continue learning and maintain your skills.


Thank You so much!:):):)


Why is level 25 a magic number? By level 12 my tree was golden. So I keep on "strengthening" the tree as coins that were once golden suddenly change. So this could go on forever. Why 25? There is a huge amount of point difference between 13 and 14 and I imagine the XP's only increase. I just wondered why I am reading 25 in this discussion. When you get to that level does DuoLingo say "that's all folks"?


The levels do not mean much. I am only half way thru the tree but at level 19. This means I am working really hard but does not mean I am doing better than anyone else. I think the percentage is probably the important number. But maybe that does not matter either. I really like Duolingo but it certainly does not prepare one to speak the language.

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