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"You are trying to compare apples and oranges."

Translation:Bạn đang cố gắng so sánh táo và cam.

May 21, 2016



Do people actually use the "apples and oranges" phrase in Vietnamese?


I don't think so. I've never heard that idiom in Vietnamese before. I'm pretty sure the DL team just wanted to make a cute sentence to practice with. We are in the comparisons section afterall =)


Why 'and' and not 'with'? (to compare something with something else)


I'm English and comparing objects using "and" is in common usage :)


I cannot find any and examples in the web, only compare smth to/with smth. Is it not only common in speech but also formal correct to use the conjunction and by writing?

Maybe is the English translation just like this because it has to literally match the original vietnamese sentence: I suppose in VN you can only compare (between) things things and với would be considered wrong?


Why sometimes need quả and sometimes no need to add quả???


And why no puralizers ie cac or nhung as shown in the drop down hints


Because the generic plural like in the above sentence works without pluralizer and without classifier


A noun without classifier could be a specific singular (táo = apple vs quả táo = the apple) or a generic plural (apples). So you can translate Táo rất ngon with both The apple is delicious or Apples are delicious, depending on the context.

But if you want to use a plural particle, you must use the classifier with the noun as well: Những/Các quả táo rất ngon.


My man spittin bars


Accepts "..táo với cam"

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