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  5. "I saw it somewhere."

"I saw it somewhere."

Translation:Я бачив це десь.

May 21, 2016



Why is it десь and not кудись


Here is a good explanation I found on another forum: Кудись indicates direction, so it's "to somewhere" (although "to" is not really used in English with somewhere), десь - location. Я йду кудись = I'm going somewhere (I'm going to some place), Я живу десь = I live somewhere (I live at some place)

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Nice one, it's very similar to how we translate "where": if it's about direction (when where means where to), it's куди, if it's about location, it's де.

Where is my cat? - Де мій кіт?

Where did you put my keys? Куди ти поклала мої ключі?


What's the past suffix "ла" and "в" for 1st person?


"-в" - masculine, "-ла" - feminine.

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