"Are you a man?"

Translation:Czy jesteś mężczyzną?

May 21, 2016

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why not meczyznakiem if it is with jest


Well, mostly because the basic form of the word is "mężczyzna", not "mężczyznak" ;)

"mężczyzna" is a masculine word that ends with -a and undergoes declension as if it was feminine.


"Jesteś człowiekiem?" Is also accepted, but I would like to know when you would ask one and not the other.


Każdy mężczyna jest człowiekiem, ale nie każdy człowiek jest mężczyzną. (Each man is a human but not each human is a man).


"Człowiekiem" would mean man as in a member of the human race. So "Jesteś człowiekiem?" might be like in a fairy tale or a myth with centaurs, mermaids, or talking animals. A creature meeting a human for the first time might ask "Are you a man?", even if they are talking to a woman, a boy, or a girl.


Why is it wrong? "Czy jesteście mężczyzną?"


Czy jesteście mężczyzną? - Are you all a man?

Doesn't sound quite right. It should be:

Czy jesteście mężczyznami? - Are you all men?

But that's not accepted here, since "man" is singular in the original sentence.


Does "Jesteś mężczyzna?" work also? If so what is the difference between "Czy", "być" and "to" since they tend to mean "are/is"


"Jesteś mężczyzną?" should work.

Czy doesn't mean are/is. It has several meanings, but here it's just a question marker, like "is it true that...", or "I would like to know whether..."

About the difference between "to" and "być" you can learn here:



Napisałem dobrze,a mi za złe uznało i wyrazy nie dodało!


I feel like there is no exact way to pronounce ą. Am I wrong. Either way I have no clue. The tips section compares to the os in rose. Sounds nothing like that.

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