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"South Korea"

Translation:Hàn Quốc

May 22, 2016


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What is the name for North Korea? If it's the same, how are they differentiated? And if they are differentiated, shouldn't it be done so here?

January 19, 2017


I'm not sure this is in the right section...


What skill is this in, may I ask?


I'm not certain, but I think it was in "Phrases 3". Definitely nothing related to geography or travel, and it didn't fit in with the rest of the material. I believe we already learned it in one of the "Countries" skills anyway.


I can't locate the origin of this word in Incubator. Will forward a bug report to Duolingo staffs.


I made a mistake and put Quốc Hàn as my answer and it got marked Right but with a typo!!

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