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  5. "Дети идут к деревьям."

"Дети идут к деревьям."

Translation:The children are walking towards the trees.

May 22, 2016



Я не вижу деревню за деревьями.

May 8, 2017


Would "into the trees" work?

May 22, 2016


I believe that would be "в деревья".

May 22, 2016

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No. "В деревья" does not make any sense in Russian (unless those kids are actually some kind of larvae who can can get inside the tree trunks). Деревья cannot be used in Russian in the sense of "arbour" or "woods". You can say "в рощу" (into an/the arbour), "в лес" (into the woods) etc., but not в деревья".

May 22, 2016


But what if a I am a squirrel and if there is a hole in the three where I store my acorns. Could I say «Я иду в деревья»?

September 6, 2016

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Firstly, you would not use the verb "ходить" for a squirrel-like animal. Ходить means "to walk" when applied to animals or birds, all other possible meanings would not be applicable to them. Elephants, horses, dogs walk (when they are not running), squires either run or climb. The corresponding verbs would be "бегать" and "лазать".

But even if you fix the verb, the sentence would still sound extremely awkward in Russian. I have never seen "в деревья (plural)" used to indicate the direction of motion.

September 6, 2016

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My bad, I should have used "идти" rather than "ходить", but that does not change anything: you use the two verbs in exactly the same way; the only difference is that "ходить" is multi-directional and is used for back-an-forth or repetitive action, while "идти" is unidirectional. In others words, if you can use one, you can use the other and vice versa.
So, no, a squirrel cannot "идти", full stop.
And one cannot "идти" to either "в" or "на деревья".

September 8, 2016


Yes, that may be true. The thing is, I did not the verb ходить in my sentence and it isn’t even used in the sentence above (‘The children are walking towards the trees.’), I used it’s concrete/uni-directional correspondent, the verb идти: «Я иду в деревья.»

Ok, you have never heard «в деревья» in indicate direction, have you heard «на деревья» for that meaning? Would «Я иду на деревья» be possible?

September 7, 2016


Then how do you say "the squirrel goes into the tree" (where its home is) in Russian?

August 14, 2018


Well, I got a different opinion from another native speaker, but maybe she was thinking of the literally "into the trees" meaning. Certainly I've always seen "в лес".

May 22, 2016


What case is it?

October 23, 2017



December 12, 2017


More precisely = dative plural.

I wish DL diagramed each answer in "cases" when completed answers were shown.

I've taken to color-coded pens and writing everything down myself to drive it home.

July 22, 2018


So I thought O (in nominative single case) was replaced with aM in dative plural case but we can't use this rule here because the nominative plural form is irregular. Who concocted all this complexity?

January 23, 2019


No, it's the dogs that do that.

April 11, 2017
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