"Ci mężczyźni lubią jabłka."

Translation:These men like apples.

May 22, 2016

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Is "Ci" a form of "To/Ten/Ta" or "Ciebie"??? or are neither correct? :D


Both are correct, actually. It can be a shorter form of "Ciebie", but here it is plural of "ten" = "these".

Fun fact: when writing something directly to another person (a letter/a text message/a facebook message/etc.) it's polite to capitalize all forms of 'you': Ci, Tobie, Twój, etc. It is not done in this course because these are just sentences without any context. But because of that, sometimes some people mistakenly capitalize 'ci' meaning 'these', although it's in fact a different word :D


Do I read ci like ći, ć, or ci? :D Also dzieci - is it dzieć, dzieći or dziec-i? Do I ALWAYS read ci as ć?


Sometimes we simplify and say that 'this is the same sound', but yeah, if it's 'ci' there is some 'i' sound. So maybe 'dzieći' seems the closest? Sometimes it really matters, like "koń" (singular Nominative) and "koni" (plural Genitive).


Such helpful info!


Whats the difference between mezczyzni and mezczyznami?


"mężczyźni" is the basic, Nominative form of "men", "mężczyznami" is Instrumental. Apart from other usages that you will learn, a noun phrase needs to be in Instrumental after a form of "być" (to be).


Hey guys! Do neutral nouns like jabłka have an accusative form?


Accusative forms of neuter nouns are same as their nominative forms, in both singular and plural.


thnk you very much!


Why is ci in nominative? Shouldn't it be accusative? (tych?)


No, it is a part of the subject of the sentence (These men), so there's no reason for it to use any other case than old, plain Nominative.


Why "love apples" is incorrect?


To like - lubić To love - kochać

Ci mężczyźni kochają jabłka - These men love apples.


Get too many incorrect answers because i cannot insert the various accents into the words. A polish keyboard should be provided for answering with

  1. The lack of diacritics does not cause your answer to be rejected.
  2. Every modern device is capable of enabling a Polish keyboard.


The tips state there are MANY nominative plural forms ( I suppose jablka is just one of these) but "luckily" the majority of the accusative plural forms are the same as the nominative forms. Well, I consider that to be UNlucky.


Cow mężczyźni lubią jabłka... Curse you auto correct


Way ci and no te?


There are two plurals in Polish: virile ('masculine personal plural') and nonvirile ('not masculine-personal plural'). The first one is used for "groups with at least one man", the latter is used for every other plural noun.

The virile form for "these" is "ci", and that's what is used here because obviously "men" are 'a group with at least one man'.

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