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  5. "They read alone."

"They read alone."

Translation:Ils lisent seuls.

January 26, 2013



Aren't both "Elles lisent seules" and "Ils lisent seuls" correct? Everytime ther are two options correct and I choose one of them, it says that I made a mistake. Am I right?


Yes, you're correct. Did you select both answers? If there is more than one correct answer, you should be selecting both of them rather than just one of them, or else Duolingo will consider the answer incorrect.


In my multiple choice it doesn't offer "Ils lisent seuls" but "Ils lisent seules", so only the one sentence with "elle" is correct, as "seules" is femal plural and "Ils" is male. Watch out for little differences.


Not necessarily in french we say ils as they for both boys an girls but when the group is only female we say elles it's can be realy confusing


Kinda like in English we can greet a group of girls with, "Hey guys!"


It is always "Ils" if the gender is unknown. In your case, it probably said something in English like "They go to the park". We don't know if "they" is masculine or feminine so we assume is masculine and always choose "ils".


I chose ils and was still marked as incorrect!!


Its not becouse its "elles" is feminine so it becomes seules (feminine form)


you are correct but toy need to select both of them


Did you find why the mistake, yet? If so, share bro..


I agree. Please add the second option as well


Anybody know why you can't translate "They read alone" as "Seuls, ils lisent"? In a previous question, the computer put "Seuls" as in "alone" in front of the sentence...


Well, I guess it would mean the same thing, but it would translate slightly differently as "Alone, they read" instead of "They read alone". Did the computer translate "Seuls, ils lisent" as "they read alone"?


In English alone, they read would come across as if they were reading because they are alone. On the other hand they read alone implies that they are reading and they are also alone.


Perhaps the computer thought it was Yoda? ;-)


I have similar confusion when "Seoules les femmes lisent" is not 'the lonely women' but 'only the women', is the difference then in having a specific 'les'


To mark me wrong when I picked the male gender, they should specify it was female!


If they give you a multiple choice, generally they are asking that you mark all the correct answers, so if you pick only the feminine or the masculine, they mark you wrong.


is seules an adverb here?


It's acting like an adverb, yes. And it is one of the exceptions to the rule about adverbs not agreeing with the subject.


No. It's an adjective.


I tought "Elles lisent seulement" would work too but obviously I was mistaken.


i thought the same, alone is an adverb i thought


Seules is alone. Seulement is only. Only should be the adverb


"Ils lisent tout seuls" incorrect? Really?


"They are reading all alone" yeah maybe


I'm with you on this point. I went for "tout seuls" because as far as I can remember the French use it a lot. But if we are going for a more strict textual translation, I guess they are correct in marking it wrong.


I selected elles listent seules and ils listent seules; but I was incorrect, why is that?


Exactly! I am confused about that as well. Google translation said that Ils lisent seules are correct so we both are right.


You wrote listent and not lisent. Elles is referring to agroup of females while ils is general


...to complete FonmaEssie's answer...and seules is feminine and seuls is masculine.


If I understand correctly, ils seuls (masc) elles seules (fem) So ils lisent seules has mixed - Unless you have typo


Pourquoi "ils lisent touts seuls" ne va pas?


Parce que tout seules c'est pas la même comme seules. C'est différent comme en anglais.


okay, so my previous answer "les hommes seules boivent" was accepted, so I thought "seule" has an -e at the end in both cases (masculine and feminine). but now only "ils lisent seuls" is correct, the "seuls" without an -e. why is that, can anyone explain me?


Could you also use "par eux mêmes"? They used/accepted this "par" construction for "The children eat by themselves."


If I get this wrong one more time, I'm gonna kms


My question was not multiple choice. I thought that if you did not know thecsex one should assume masculin.


Yes, default is masculine, ghoster. As an aside masculine has an "e" on the end but I hurry along the time when English evolves just one more step and takes your lead. Otherwise, if we keep the "e" on the end lets at least pronounce it right. And another thing..... Why isn't "Phonetic" spelled the way is SOUNDS? And another thing..... Why is "Abbreviation" such a loooooong word?


Seuls is for masculine and seules for femminin, then what is 'seulement' for ?


Why not seulement?


this is tupid ill pick both and im still worng even if im right


I said only number 3 which is Ils lisent seules. Technically it does say mark all, but even if there is one boy in a group of 30, they call it ils. :( I think its unfair! that if you mark one correct it doesn't give you half of a point.


How can you tell the difference between "ils" and "il" since they both sound the same?


You can't as they do sound identical. However "Lit" sounds different from "Lisent" and there's your clue as to whether the sentence is singular or plural.


Why is "Ils lisent sueles" correct, but "Ils lisent suels" isnt according to this exercise? Aren't they interchangeable?


It wasnt multiple choice, it was a write-in.


they said i made a mistake but i was and they probably dont even read these so it wont even change of course


Report it. Your post here is unclear.


Error! I write the sentence correct but show me it is wrong


om g I cant get past


I say, elles lisont seules and it says, no sorry the correct answer is elles lisont seules??????


Hi crazy. Both Ils and Elles mean They and both should be accepted. except that as there is no context, it probably should default to masculine. What I do notice is the mis-spelling of Lisent which you've spelt Lisont. Maybe therein lie the actual reasons for being marked down?.


Not in my miss-spelt word, but the fact that what I give as an answer is given incorrect and when it says the correct answer, it repeats the answer I just gave-including the opposing gender description. The question is asking for a multiple choice answer so spelling doesn't matter and anyway, they'd tell you that its lisent not lisont. By the way thanks for replying :).


Hi again Crazy. I find Duo can be unpredictable in some of what it allows as "correct" with a note of at typo or missed accent and on other occasions not allow a typo, mis-spelt word and more. Maybe it is good to put your objections on "Post A Problem" if you haven't already done so. I do think, though, that spelling really does matter. also that in multi=-choice solutions all correct solutions must be attended and if one of them is missed, you'll be marked down. With respect.


So you mean I should have marked both? Thanks.


C'est n'importe quoi entre les "ils" et les "elles" correcte

[deactivated user]

    Ils lisent seules should be accepted, no?


    So I typed in "Ils listent seuls" and Duo marked it as incorrect and said that the correct answer is "Elles listent seules". So on my second attempt I wrote "Elles listent seules" and got it incorrect again but duo is still saying the correct answer is "Elles listent seules". I double check my spelling but im confused as to why it's saying I still got it wrong.


    Never mind. Apparently my auto correct just hates me...


    When do I use elles and ils? or does it matter at all?


    I said Ils for the English sentence "They read alone" It says I should have used Elles, but I don't understand why. Everything else in my French sentence matched correctly. Can someone explain this? Thanks.


    I didnt get a multiple choice option for this question. I typed in the answer using "ils lisent seuls" and was marked incorrect, with the correction being in the feminine form. I havent seem this issue for other similar questions regarding gender before.


    When you're reading in English, the word "read" can be either present or past tense. So, "they read alone" should have:

    Elles/Ils lisons seul(e)s


    Elles/Ils lisent seul(e)s

    as both acceptable answers, no?

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