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" ấy muốn tôi chứng minh tôi chỉ yêu mỗi ấy."

Translation:She wants me to prove that I only love her.

May 22, 2016



Why is mỗi used here?


i asked sum1.... appearantly u can also switch between only using moi or chi since they both mean only.... and when using moi usually people end the sentence with ma thoi ...."mà thôi"... i dont quite get the ending yet but they seem to use alot of ending for sentences to make sentences sound more polite... O.o eg: "anh chỉ yêu mỗi mình em mà thôi" (where anh is the bf-pronoun and em is the gf-pronoun)


Good question, perhaps it is a structure like "chỉ... mỗi..."? Never heard that one before though >_<

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