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  5. "Dù sao tôi vẫn ở đây với bạn…

" sao tôi vẫn đây với bạn."

Translation:Anyway I am still here with you.

May 22, 2016



Is "dù sao" used as frequently as in English?


I would add it to most commonly used vocabulary list. Using this word naturalizes your Vietnamese significantly.


The speaker is WAY too fast for me


I have a theory about this. They couldn't afford to pay the actor to read all the sentences, so they got him to read as many as possible in the shortest amount of time


"I still am here with you." Absolutely correct - should not be marked wrong. I am guessing it has been several months since StewartMM commented about this problem. No response. Still not fixed.


Anyway I still am here with you --- MARKED WRONG. Grrrr...


Ping!! This really needs to be fixed!! "Still am" instead of "am still" is not only good English but fits the Vietnamese word order better.


Please correct to allow “Anyway I still am here with you”. All these months later it is still being marked wrong.


Placement of the adverb in English affects the sense of the expression. "Anyway I'm still here with you" implies "despite whatever is the situation" while "I'm still here with you anyway" implies "despite reason for not being here." Are both senses possible in Vietnamese?


However should be fine as well. Don't understand how you can know which world they chose as a translation eventhough the Vietnamese word has a variety of English words that are all translated into one Vietnamese word.


Is "regardless" or "however" a better translation?

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