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  5. "We read the book."

"We read the book."

Translation:Chúng tôi đọc quyển sách.

May 22, 2016



What does quyen mean here?


When should you use chúng ta and chúng tôi?


When a couple, A and B, talk to their friend C:

  • A or B: We (chúng TÔI - A and B) are going to the club. Do you want to join us (chúng TÔI - A and B)?
  • C: That sounds great! I'm in!
  • A or B: We (chúng TA - A, B, and C) should go now. Looks like it'll be raining soon.

Use "Chúng TÔI" (A and B) to mention your side only, use "chúng TA" (A, B, and C) to include the one(s) you are talking to. :)


Why doesn't cái work as a classifier for a book (object)?


Because things...happen that way, I guess? "Cái" covers around 70 to 80% of the objects already. Still, some specific objects require specific classifiers. Things happen that way, I don't know why...


Well, you should use quyển/cuốn to count books.

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