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Any tips for learning a completely new language?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any tips on learning Turkish, as I have never come across it before and I have no idea how to start. Memorizing vocabulary is something that I struggle with so if anyone has any advice it would be really appreciated! :D

May 22, 2016



I started learning Turkish about a month ago. With each new skill I was learning, it felt I would never understand it; but with practice and constant reviewing the same lessons, things are very slowly starting to make sense. I've recently started combining Duolingo with Memrise which is definately helping. Goodluck!


Go very very slowly. Review far more than you would with a more similar language like Spanish.


Turkey was very hard at first, but with a lot of practice it finally sank in. I' recommend going slowly, don't try to do the tree in a month-or you will get frustrated.


Turkish is one of the hardest languages in the world, I'm Turkish and Turkish is my mother language, the best way to learn this language is doing a lot of practices, first, understand the vocabularies and try to find roots, there are many additionals in Turkish vocabularies, watch some movies with subtitles or try to talk some people, it should be slowly because sometimes you can feel confused, if you have a question about this, you can ask me.


I learn vocabulary with Memrise. It's really helpful. I found it difficult to concentrate on grammar and vocabulary learning at the same time, so I used Memrise for vocabulary and concentrated on the grammar here on Duolingo. That made it much easier. You can even learn Duolingo vocabulary on Memrise.

Don't forget to do some listening practice away from Duolingo. Duolingo's TTS is really horrible. You won't learn what Turkish really sounds like here.

Take it slowly. Make sure that you understand the lesson before you go on to the next one. If you don't you'll get very confused very quickly.


In case of mine I use textbooks from language school (but I didn't attend any of those), with a relaxing progress on Duolingo. Everyday since I determined to learn it I listen to some audio resources from the Internet and try to do some shadowing (just imitate the sound of it) to get used to the pronunciation. After a month as I started to be more familiar with these sounds and some basic sentence structures I got myself a grammar book. Meanwhile, I watch TV programs to allow myself to be placed in the Turkish environment. I have now learned this language for about half a year and am able to speak daily sentences with a native speaker and lots of complicated sentences, though the latter may come out after pondering. A big tip for starting a brand-new language is not be scared of making mistakes.

iyi şanslar :)

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