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"Jeg vil begynde at spille violin."

Translation:I will begin playing the violin.

May 23, 2016



Shouldn't it be

Jeg vil begynde at spille violin--> I will begin to play the violin (I pick up the instrument for the first time)


Jeg vil begynde spillende violinen--> I will begin playing the violin (you start, a concert for example, by playing the violin)?

[deactivated user]

    Your second sentence is never correct, only the first one is.


    I thought it probably wasn't but what I meant is that in English "I will begin playing the violin" and "I will begin to play the violin" have different meanings and, from what I understand, "Jeg vil begynde at spille violin" correspond to the latter, not the former. Am I wrong?

    [deactivated user]

      I can mean both, depending on the context.

      Danish doesn't have progressive tenses, so your second sentence is incorrect.


      Why isn't it 'violinen' for 'the violin' ?


      As a basic rule in Danish, the names of instruments (f.eks.: violin )after "spiller"; and the names of professions ((f.eks.: vagt) after bliver & er are written without any article; neither the article of the repective gender of the noun nor the indefinite articles such as a/an are used.

      "Jeg vil begynde at spille violin." = I will begin to play the violin.

      Jeg vil gerne blive forfatter" = I want to become an author.


      If this were not the "Future tense" section, could the Danish sentence also be used if you plan to start learning to play the violin?

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