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  5. "I do not see our women."

"I do not see our women."

Translation:Nie widzę naszych kobiet.

May 23, 2016



Is naszych kobiet genitive? Have we learned this form before??


I don't know if you have learned it (although you're level 10 so I assume there was a lot of Genitive), but yes, it's: nie widzę (kogo? czego?) naszych kobiet = Genitive.


From my understanding of genitive in German and Latin, Genitive is for "of the woman" The woman here in this sentence is a direct object, so wouldn't it be dative?


Yeah, but German has 4 cases, whereas Polish has 7, so things must be a bit more complicated ;) – the basic syntax of Polish is: in positive statements a direct object is marked by the accusative case and in negations by genitive; in both positive and negative sentences the indirect object is marked by dative:

  • „Daję (kogo? co? accusative) prezent (komu? czemu? dative) chłopcu” – 'I give a present to a boy'
  • „Nie daję (kogo? czego? genitive) prezentu (komu? czemu? dative) chłopcu” – I do not give a present to a boy'

I guess you can think of it as 'lack of [direct object]' (since it's negation), if it helps. ;)

P.S. direct object = the object act upon by the verb = Akkusativobjekt; Indirect object = the beneficiary of the verb = Dativobjekt. ;)


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Was this stated somewhere in the course previously? I don't remember seeing it but it's extrenely useful information


Classic Polish move to make the undeclined form the genitive plural ;P

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