"He says that he likes those pants."

Translation:On mówi, że lubi tamte spodnie.

May 23, 2016

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How exactly is że inserted here? What for?


it is introduction of related speech: he says that=on mówi że. And while in English "that" may be sometimes unnecessary it is necessary in Polish.


"podoba się" why not?


If you put it in the right grammatical form, it makes sense - especially if he is in the shop wondering whether to buy those pants.

"spodnie" are plurale tantum, they don't have a singular form. Just like pants/trousers. So it's "podobają mu się" (they are pleasing to him). I think that "mu" (to him) has to come in-between 'podobają' and 'się', I don't see a better position for it.

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