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Highlight Multiple Words (context-based translations)

On Duolingo's website, you are only allowed to find the translation for one word at a time by highlighting the one word. For example, you are only given the possible translations of one highlighted word at a time. You cannot highlight the entire phrase and get the proper translation of each word based on the context of the entire phrase. Duolingo should work to make this possible.

January 26, 2013



So say your doing a translation and use this and type the exact answer given, you are not even needed if this was possible to do.


I understand, but the whole point of duolingo is to learn; there is no point in giving translations if they do not fit into the context of the sentence. You're just going to end up doing guess work, and maybe get the question wrong. Maybe when you highlight the word, there can be an option to view the context-based translation with no penalty, and then you would be forced to redo the question at the end of the practice, which would count for your score. And you could only see the context-based translation once..?


While yes, this is a good way of learning, the other point is that if you can remember the other ways that it has been stated, like in German, which I see that you are lvl 6 in, (still level 1 atm... no audio where I am...) has the different types of learning, lernst, lernt, etc. but as you learn the different ways of it going about and how you type it, you should be able to remember when it is one way, and when it goes a different way. I guess it would help, I can see how it would hinder, and yet help at the same time. I am thinking that perhaps if they do that, then perhaps put it on a lower level, like how when you first start doing a lesson, it gives 10 exp/coins, and once it thinks you have a grasp on it, it will start only giving you the heart based exp. that is one idea. thanks for reading!


hullou amugos de jobeey

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