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"Waluta Stanów Zjednoczonych to dolar."

Translation:The currency of the United States is the dollar.

May 23, 2016



I thought it was just a statement. So I put: "Currency in the United States is the dollar." But it was DENIED ( imagine crying and sobbing sound effects ) ;)


Seems fine, added now.


the currency of america is the dollar denied


Well... probably because "America" is not the name of the country.


I think it works with ambiguous sentences like "We live in America" or "I love America" where the speaker in fact means the US, but even if he doesn't, that could still be a true statement.

But here, it's different. Since Mexico, for example, doesn't have the Dollar, it can't be generally true for the whole continent, so 'America' doesn't really work here.


But the continent is "North America", not "America". No native speaker says "I live in America" if they live in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, etc.

"The currency in America..." or "American currency..." should be ok


Well, a lot of Spanish-speaking people from the Americas actually do get angry and offended when someone uses "America" to refer to the United States.

Still, I guess I can agree and add it after all.


USA is as often used as the United States


"the USA" works, so does "the US".

By the way, Polish also uses "USA", but pronounces it our way, so "U-Es-A".


Czy przed "USA" musi być "the" ?


Tak. To rzadkość, ale jest tak w przypadku nazw wieloczłonowych (the United States of America, the United Kingdom), nazw w liczbie mnogiej (the Bahamas, the Bermudas) i z jakiegoś powodu Gambii.

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