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Vietnamese Keyboard Win10

Hi, I have seen other ways or programs to download to get the Vietnamese Keyboard. I found a way without downloading anything new. :) Not sure if this was posted before, if so, I'm sorry now.

On Windows10 open the start menu Scroll down to Windows Click Windows Accessories Click "TabTip" A keyboard should open up on your screen, you can move it where you want it or dock it with the keys on the upper right corner of the on screen keyboard

On the bottom right of the on screen keyboard there should be a key that has a picture of a keyboard and possibly the word ENG as well. Click that It takes you to a drop down menu where you can click to switch between languages or change the way the keyboard is visually set up, etc. Click Language Preferences Click "+Add a Language" Scroll through to Vietnamese or which ever other language you would like to have. When you are finished using the Vietnamese keyboard, *Remember to switch it back to English before exiting or (What happened to me) is it will keep typing in Vietnamese! No big deal. I also Pinned it to my start page and also my Task Bar.

I really hopes this helps!!! :). It's slightly annoying, but if I find any other helpful ways with this I will post an update

Note: When you start typing on the webpage the keyboard itself will hide/disappear until you click on it again (Unless you docked it.)

Good luck everyone :).

May 23, 2016

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