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"I am the best customer of Megan's bread shop."

Translation:Fi ydy cwsmer gorau siop fara Megan.

May 23, 2016



Who did this sentence? It is very personal, because it has nothing relating to this session in Welsh to learn. I have yet to learn this, why like this ? And I think it is badly structure in wrongful Welsh language rules grammartically. Can anyone help?

  • 2017

This is a correct sentence but a little complicated, we deleted it a while ago.

This is how it's constructed:-

'Fi ydy cwsmer gorau' = I am best customer; this is the only way of expressing a superlative.

Siop fara Megan = (possession is indicated by position in the sentence) 'Megan's bread shop' (literally breadshop of Megan')

Put the two phrases together=

Fi ydy cwsmer gorau siop fara Megan = literally 'I am best customer of breadshop of Megan' which transposes into the above.


First, I am quite upset with this sentence that it does not sound native. Second, the lesson has yet come to all you say thought right in grammars rules learning for welsh. I do not know how to translate it when I looked at it but don't be so sure I can not translate it to Welsh from all I had learnt about Welsh. That is the frutration!?

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