"Pałac jest po lewej, rynek jest po prawej."

Translation:The palace is on the left, the town square is on the right.

May 23, 2016

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Isn't just "square" - right?


isn't "square" just any "plac". Rynek literally means market (place), but in most old towns those were special squares in the middle of the town.


As a native speaker, it is.


"square" really sounds too broad to my ear, but the number of reports is huge (38 is a huge number for such a course as ours), I discussed it with others, and I guess we can accept it. Added now.


Cool. And thanks to you and to the team for your work on the course and your responses in the comments, by the way. It's very appreciated!


Thank you for your kind words :)


I've written "The palace is on the left, the town square on the right" i am not a native english speaker, but i think the second "is" could be omitted!? Or am i wrong here?


I'm personally not against it, but our native British contributor is sceptical about this.


I'm native British and this is very acceptable, even preferable


Isn't it quite colloquial then? Perhaps too colloquial for a language course...


I don't see it as colloquial--more as elegant concision.


Is "stronie" implied here (given the feminine versions of "left" and "right")?


Yes, just like in English you don't have to use "side".


Why did the square suddenly become the town square? Consistency works well.


I am being careful not to use the word 'marketplace' (which is much more precise in British English than 'market', which tends to mean selling occurring, or 'town square' which is rarely used over here). I was marked wrong for using in my innocence 'marketplace' before.


Added "marketplace".


If a conjunction were desired here, it would have to be 'a', not 'i'; is that right?


I had this question before, but it included the word side, so I was going to put the palace is on the left side and the Town square is on the right. But then I thought, that the "side"is not necessary and dropped it. And then they marked it as wrong. Now I do this one, and there is no "side". A little frustrating.


I think that all sentences with left/right accept variants with or without "side"... could you please say what answer you wrote exactly?


Wow! It was a little complex to get in to respond to this. I may be missing something on the app, but I had to log in on my computer from my email to respond to this rather than being able to do it on my phone.

To be honest, I cannot remember the exact wording, but I am almost certain that it was the same (left and right may have been reversed) because I spent a minute thinking about whether I needed the "side" or not. Just leaving out "side" made it wrong, apparently.


There is always a possibility that the learner made some typo, and then the correction is not the closest correct answers to what they wanted to answer. This often makes people think that their answer (their choice of wording or grammatical structure) was completely rejected although in reality it was just a small mistake.

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As a native English speaker I regard : the palace is to the left the town square to the right as equally acceptable. How would you translate "to the left (right)" in Polish?


"To the left/right" is already accepted, however, the omission of the second verb was disallowed until now.
But I'm going to overrule this decision and add your suggestion anyway.

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