"Do you have a moment?"

Translation:Masz chwilę?

May 23, 2016

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Is it wrong to say "Czy masz moment?" instead of "Czy masz chwile?"? The exercise also presents "moment" as an alternative to "chwile"


I think it's okay, but "chwilę" seems much more natural in such a context. The disproportion between Google search results of exact phrases "masz chwilę" and "masz moment" is suprisingly big: 60:1 for "chwilę". And a lot of results for "masz moment" are connected with physics...


Not all heroes wear capes


Is this right?

The English is "do you have a moment?" and the translation highlighted as the answer is Mają panowie chwilę

Doesn't that mean "Don't they have a moment"??


I struggle to pronounce the "chw" sound in "chwilę". In the audio it sounds to me like they pronounce it "kveelay". Am I hearing this wrong? I thought "ch" should be pronounced more like the English "h" sound, but more from the back of the throat.


They say that the closest pronunciation is Scottish pronunciation of "ch" in "Loch Ness".

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