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  5. "Bạn học tiếng Việt khi nào?"

"Bạn học tiếng Việt khi nào?"

Translation:When do you learn Vietnamese?

May 23, 2016



These types of question seem to talk way too fast. I can hardly understand the words and end up getting it wrong. I just remember the answers for the next time it asks as these are too difficult to parse.


Yeah, and it's too bad they don't have a "slow button" yet. Just keep at it and you'll eventually get it. I personally think Vietnamese is harder than French and Spanish. I take such a long time doing exercises in the Vietnamese course. Whereas with French and Spanish, I just whip past through them. Keep going!


are not study and learn the same word ( hoc)


In English they aren't but they are in vietnamese and this app doesn't know the difference... In this case we can't use learn we just use study


In general, khi nào is placed in the beginning of the sentence when asking about something that happens in the present/future and is placed at the end of the sentence when asking about something that happened in the past.

Khi nào bạn học tiếng Viẹt?

When do you study Vietnamese?

Bạn học tiếng Việt khi nào?

When did you study Vietnamese?

For more in depth grammar, I recommend "Elementary Vietnamese" by Binh Nhu Ngo.


That's a rule that this course breaks a LOT. Like here. It would be okay if the standard construction was also accepted, but that's usually not true.


Does anyone know why somtimes the question "What, Where, When Why", is the first word and other times is the last word?


If you go to this set of exercises on the website there is some explanation of this. I don't know why they can't show that in the app.


Why is "Khi nao" at the end of the sentence? Growing up in my family, I don't think I've ever heard the question phrased in this order... It would have been " Khi nao ban hoc tieng Viet?"

I could be mistaken though..



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