"Я не сплю удень."

Translation:I do not sleep during the day.

May 23, 2016

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"i do not sleep in the day" was marked wrong - is this an error?


I agree, I do not sleep in the day should be accepted


In English we call "удень" a compound word because it the is merging of two or more separate words, i.e. day & time = daytime. In Ukrainian I have learned that "у" is "in" and "день" is "day" therefore the exact English equivalent would be "in the day" yet I have seen many different correct answers: "during the day", "in the afternoon" On this same confusion is уранці and увечері both only accepted as "in the _" and incorrect if "during the _" are used. (що він чекає увечері). Please explain this to help me understand


This looks like an irregular verb. If спати is the infinitive I was expecting something like спю.

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    I'm not sure if this is considered irregular, but many verbs with stem ending in -п-, -б-, -в- get л in 1st person singular and 3rd person plural:

    • люби́ти 'to like': я люблю́ 'I like', вони лю́блять 'they like',
    • ліпи́ти 'to model (e.g. out of clay); to stick, to paste': я ліплю́ 'I model', вони́ лíплять 'they model',
    • си́пати 'to pour (a dry substance)': я си́плю 'I scatter, I pour (e.g. salt)', вони́ си́плять 'they scatter',
    • купи́ти 'to buy': я куплю́ 'I will buy', вони́ ку́плять 'they will buy' (it's in future because it's a perfective verb and doesn't have a present tense form, while other examples are imperfective),
    • роби́ти 'to do, to make': я роблю́ 'I do, I make', вони́ ро́блять 'they do, they make',
    • дави́ти 'to press, to squeeze; to oppress': я давлю́ 'I press', вони́ да́влять 'they press'.

    (NB. I've marked the stress according to the dictionary. However, I personally pronounce some forms differently: я лю́блю, я лíплю, я ку́плю, я ро́блю, я да́влю. I think the stress I use is not uncommon, at least I tend to hear it a lot.)


    Thanks for the detailed answer! I had never noticed that pattern until now.


    Вдень would be better here, I think

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    Must be "я не сплю протягом дня

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