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  5. "Kto jest kapitanem?"

"Kto jest kapitanem?"

Translation:Who is the captain?

May 23, 2016



Look at me. I am the captain now.


When we ask a question with "kto", the subject requires the Instrumental case?


Kto is a subject.

Object is in a case that verb requires- after jest it is instrumental.


Oops, sorry for the little detail :). Dzięki!


I googled Kapitan Kloss. Definitely worth my while. Thanks for the interesting cultural reference!


Isn't "Who is captain" a correct answer ? if it isn't, what would it be in polish ?


I googled exact phrase "Who is captain" and most results seem to be "Who is captain Jack Sparrow/Phasma/America/etc.", therefore questions about specific characters. Or questions like "Who is Captain America fighting with?" So I think it really should be "the captain" here.

By the way, if you really were to ask something more about Captain Jack Sparrow (because maybe you've never heard of him), it would be "Kim jest kapitan Jack Sparrow?"


Thank you :) My question was more about the different between "Who is the captain?" and "Who is captain?", just like you enter a room and you're just looking for a captain, but no one in particular, like in "Is there a captain here?" I'll ask someone bilingual i know and i keep you posted.


If you for some reason mean 'a captain' (although that seems kinda strange to me, as if it's not exactly a profession, like a doctor or policeman), whether it's captain of a school football team or a captain in the Army, the Polish sentence wouldn't change anyway. Although "Is there a captain here" would make more sense in my opinion indeed, and that would be "Czy jest tu (jakiś = any) kapitan?" :)


I also went for Who is captain? It's probably more of a northern England thing, where the the 'the; is quite often dropped in speech. I can imagine a football match in the park and someone saying "Right, who's captain?


Okay, I guess we're gonna allow this one.


Can someone explain to me what is instrumental case? Thanks


Jestem kapitan teraz!


"kapitanem" :)

Or actually, as he emphasises "I" quite strongly, it's worth to put the pronoun explicitly. I think the most natural way would be "Teraz ja jestem kapitanem!" or even "Teraz to ja jestem kapitanem!" (Now it is me who is the captain!)


Może ty jesteś kapitanem, naprawdę. :)


I wrote To jest kapitanem and it was marked as correct. Probably should have had a correction there. It's hard to hear kto here, even slowed down but also i don't hear the intonation of a question.


I'm afraid that currently the audio exercises do not show you typos...


I want to know what is the difference in meaning between Kim Jest + nominative and Kto Jest + instrumental.


Kto jest + instrumental „Kto jest kapitanem?” is a question about the identity of the person (name). Jest pytaniem o nazwisko lub imię (identyfikacja osoby).

Kim jest + nominative „Kim jest kapitan?” is asking for a further description of the captain, for instance about his professional experience or what kind of man he is.


Thank you very much!

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