"I have arrived home."

Translation:Dotarłam do domu.

May 23, 2016

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Hi, can I ask about the time factor in this sentence? In English, we would say this as you arrive as a sort of announcement , after that it would be "I arrived home a couple of minutes ago to find we'd been burgled" .... When would this sentence be used?? Thanks


"I arrived", "I have arrived", "I had arrived" - they're all the same from the point of view of Polish. Any notion of "arriving" in the past tense - there isn't really any more nuance.

Sure, this very sentence would probably be most likely as a text to someone who asked you to let them know when you come back home.


Thanks for the clarification...


I said "przybyłem do domu" and got it wrong. The drop down menu from "arrived" also said przybyłem. Is this wrong?


"dotrzeć" may have an additional feel of someone waiting for info whether you managed to reach the destination. Like when a girl texts you "tak, dotarłam" after a date because you asked her to text you, so you will be sure that she got there safely. "Przybyłam", as a simple "I arrived", would somehow feel strange in such a context.


This is almost the only example where English does not need a preposition and Polish does! Just a observation.

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