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"Eles me deixaram ler esse livro porque é bom."

Translation:They let me read that book because it is good.

January 24, 2014



I'm not sure why "Eles me deixaram ler ESTE livro porque é bom." is not being accepted. It is not clear to me if the book is closer to the speaker or to those being addressed.


the word is 'esse' - meaning 'that'. The demonstrative 'that' is used because it does not have to be physically close to the speaker in order to justify its significance to them. For example: Football - i love that game! If i used the word 'this' it would imply i was in the act of playing or watching a game of football. In this sense there is no implication that the speaker is in the act of reading or holding the book they are referring too. the 'correct answer' is wrong in using the word "this" because that would mean 'este'. I have reported it. Hope that helps.


The voice is not so clear, but she says esse.


I wasn't sure if my point was valid. Now that you have confirmed it (thank you for your terrific help all over this board!!), how do I report it?


Maybe when you face that again! As a tip, you can report whenever you think you're right, even if you're not too sure. If that's wrong they won't accept it, but it's worthy a try and many times you may be right =)


Entendi. Obrigado!


unless you're using Safari, then you can't report anything :-(


w why not that book?


try reporting,


What is the difference between 'let and allowed' me to read the book?

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