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  5. "Tôi nhìn con mèo của tôi."

"Tôi nhìn con mèo của tôi."

Translation:I look at my cat.

May 24, 2016



"See" was also given as a translation for "nhin." Could this also be "I see my cat"?

On another issue, why is this not "cua minh"?


Nhìn = look
thấy = see

I would say "look at my cat" is the most accurate here. "I see my cat" would be "Tôi thấy con mèo của tôi."

"cua minh" = of oneself. It's not always clear who the owner is. It's good to know but you should try to be more specific and use của tôi, của bạn, etc.


In a later lesson, Duolingo will say của is not needed. Is this OK in proper vietnamese grammer? Sometimes, I feel like Duolingo is teaching people grammatically incorrect vietnamese. :

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