"I do not see anything!"

Translation:Niczego nie widzę!

May 24, 2016

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how come both 'nic 'and 'niczego' are ok? I understand 'niczego' that is genitive but why is 'nic' ok? is it used as Akkusative or Nominative?


My incorrect answer was ''Nie widzę niczego.'' To misquote Eric Morecambe, I got all of the right words, just not necessarily in the right order. My understanding was that Polish is basically a subject-verb-object language but because of the case system the word order can be changed to give different emphasis or shades of meaning. Could somebody please explain the differences in meaning between these two sentences?


You are right - it's not that the word order is totally free like some claim, but there is a lot of flexibility. And your sentence is perfectly fine - I added it.

But as the focus is usually at the end of the sentence, it is important. So your sentence, in my opinion, just says that you do not see anything. Like, nothing special. The main version can be understood the same way, but also it may mean that you just went completely blind. But there's also the intonation... a lot of things may influence the interpretation.

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